Iryna Sysoyenko to the government, “Take care of the emergency medical service! Otherwise people will be calling the Cabinet of Ministers instead of ringing for an ambulance”

Unless the government deals with the problem of the emergency medical service, soon Ukrainians will not need to know how to dial the emergency medical care phone number, because there will nobody to arrive. According to Samopomich MP Iryna Sysoyenko, because of the lack of centralized funding of the medical sphere, the regions do not have enough money either to purchase ambulances, to pay legal bonuses to workers, or to repair the buildings of regional dispatch offices, which are often in awful conditions.

“Over the past two years, there has not been a single hryvnia in the state budget provided for the centralized funding of the emergency medical service,” states the lawmaker. “All these expenses were transferred to the regions.”

Therefore, she says, if in the Kyiv region there is a little money for the purchase of at least a few new vehicles, then in Ternopil, for example, there are no resources even for the payment of statutory extra-bonuses to emergency medical workers.

Talking about the steps needed to be taken to save the industry, Iryna Sysoyenko emphasizes, “We need to distribute at least 3 billion hryvnias between the regions of Ukraine for the purchase of ambulances, payment of bonuses, renovation of premises. These should be the actions of the government at the level of the state budget.”

Proceeding from this, the Verkhovna Rada should adopt a bill on changes to the state budget-2018 concerning the funding for ambulances.

Summing up, Iryna Sysoyenko emphasizes, “Any people’s deputy or government representative may once need emergency medical assistance. Your planes might be just not fast enough to take you to the hospitals in Switzerland or Germany.”

Iryna Sysoienko
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