Iryna Sysoyenko, “It is necessary to ensure decent salaries for non-medical staff of medical emergency teams”

In medical emergency teams both medical workers and drivers play an important role, because a person’s life depends not only on the quality of the aid provided by the former, but also on the operational efficiency of the latter. This was stated by MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Iryna Sysoyenko.
“Non-medical employees of emergency medical teams work in the same difficult conditions as health care workers do, they experience the same physical and psychological stress, their work is related to the same health risks,” says Iryna Sysoyenko.
The MP believes it is very important to ensure fair wages for them at the legislative level.
The situation can be changed for the better with the help of the bill “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On emergency medical assistance”(with regard to ensuring fair wages for medical emergency teams)”, which should be adopted in the second reading.
“This will allow paying higher salaries, allowances for the special nature of work, for extra-duty assignments, as well as seniority, depending on the length of service in state and municipal health care institutions,” explains Iryna Sysoyenko. She also adds that it is about paying a financial assistance for health improvement to emergency ambulance drivers. However, according to the MP, not only the Parliament, but also the regional authorities have to pay more attention to the development of emergency medical care.
For example, thanks to the efforts of “Samopomich Union” deputies in the Kyiv Regional Council a regional program “On further improvement of emergency medical care in the Kyiv region in 2016-2018” was adopted.
Among the main objectives of the program Iryna Sysoyenko emphasizes on better accessibility of emergency medical aid to the population, improvement of material and technical base of emergency medical services, creation of a centralized incident centre.

Iryna Sysoienko
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