Iryna Sysoyenko: Medicine reform should be voted for on Thursday

During the last week the working group of the Parliamentary Committee on Health Care has been preparing bill #6327 “On State Financial Guarantees for the Provision of Medical Services and Medicines.

As noted by Samopomich MP Iryna Sysoyenko, nearly 900 amendments had been submitted to the bill; the largest number of amendments was made by Iryna Sysoyenko.

“We have been working on the amendments with members of the working group of the committee, as well as with representatives of the Ministry of Health – constructively and fruitfully. I hope that the Committee, as well as the working group, will support them, and the parliamentary hall will vote for them. For my part, I have done my best to get this bill voted for,” states Iryna Sysoyenko.

At the same time, the MP emphasizes that the final decision of the committee will depend on the deputies who did not take part in the meetings of the working group:

“Will they support all the developments made by the members of the working group? I call on my colleagues to support the bill and give it a chance to get to the parliament hall this Thursday.”

We shall recall that the amendments of MP Iryna Sysoyenko to the draft law on state financial guarantees for the provision of medical services and medicines concerned the following issues:

– Complete elimination of the co-payment option. This means that all the funds that are there in the state budget should be fully allocated for medical services and medicines for citizens.

– The bill of the Ministry suggested covering only emergency, primary, and palliative care. Iryna Sysoyenko insisted that secondary, highly specialized medical care, and medical rehabilitation should be paid at the expense of public funds. In particular, childbirth is also a subject to the payment by the state.

– An absolute prohibition for the National Health Service not to conclude agreements for medical care under a medical guarantees program with medical institutions that have applied for such an agreement. Thus, local hospitals, district hospitals should have such an agreement, and all citizens are guaranteed to receive medical care in those institutions in which they are used to being treated.

– Patients’ rights to receive free medical care under the health guarantees program. This is a program which will determine the scope and list of types of medical services and medicines which will be fully covered financially by the state for each citizen. This program will be approved together with tariffs every year when the state budget of Ukraine is adopted.

The bill also makes it possible for patients to choose a doctor and to receive medical services and medicines of proper quality.

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