Irina Sysoyenko: The state should be allocating funds for hospitals in accordance with the quality and quantity of medical services provided to patients

The Committee on Health at its Friday meeting recommended the Parliament to support the bill #2309-d on the autonomy of health facilities, which was adopted in the first reading more than six months ago. Iryna Sysoyenko, deputy chairperson of the Committee and MP from the Samopomich faction, says that the document envisages funding directly for the medical services provided to patients, instead of the funding for maintaining the facilities, as it is the case now. Now hospitals are not fighting for their patients, they are not interested in improving the quality of medical services, and this in no way influences the amount of money they receive. As a result, patients are not always satisfied, people have to buy everything needed for medical services (drugs, consumables) on their own.

MP mentions, “Autonomization means transition of medical institutions from budget enterprises to non-profit ones. This will enable head physician to have a financial and economic independence and to plan their spending on the basis of the needs of the hospital. And if the head physicians are ineffective or abusing their rights, they will be controlled by the supervisory boards that are to be set up at each hospital.

The idea is to allocate public funds not for institutions themselves, but for the specific medical services that these institutions will provide. This means that hospitals will receive money only when the quality of their services will be high, and people will want to be treated there. Therefore, if autonomy is accepted at the state level, we will witness hospitals’ competition for patients who will bring real income.”

So far, Iryna Sysoyenko says, Ukrainians pay for health care twice – when paying taxes and buying drugs in hospitals. “These principles should have been changed long ago. The state must provide patients with the guaranteed level of medical care at the expense of the state budget,” stresses the MP.

However, despite this, the prospects of the bill being passed in the second reading were under threat due to the lack of quorum in the Health Committee. Majority is needed to recommend the Parliament to support the bill.

“On Friday, there was a meeting of the Health Committee. We applied a lot of efforts to finally have the quorum, which had not had at two previous meetings. In the end, we voted for the bill in the Committee and hope to put it to vote at the next plenary week,” concludes Iryna Sysoyenko.

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