Iryna Podoliak: “We must treat our historic landmarks as well as we treat those included in the UNESCO World Heritage List”

On Wednesday, April 18, the Verkhovna Rada held parliamentary hearings on the topic “The state, problems and prospects for the protection of cultural heritage in Ukraine.” Samopomich MP Iryna Podoliak has delivered a speech at the event emphasizing the fact that at present there are a number of issues in the sphere that need to be settled.

First of all, according to her, it is necessary to develop and adopt a new law on the protection of cultural heritage. “Because the infinite number of amendments that we have been introducing into the current law in recent years only disbalance and destroy the whole system of cultural heritage protection,” explains Iryna Podoliak.

The MP continues, “The second set of issues is related to financing. It’s no secret that different regions of Ukraine have different number of cultural heritage objects. The problem is that the central executive body tells us that it has the right to finance only its own institutions. For example, if there is a national reserve, the Ministry of Culture can finance restoration-related works. If, so to speak, there is no “national reserve”, then, allegedly, the Ministry of Culture has no mechanisms. But the problem is not that much in the lack of mechanisms as it is in the lack of desire and suggestions. In Ukraine, there are cities in which nature reserves were created years ago, but has never in dozens of years received any funding. Therefore, the instruments of financing can and should be different as well. This is our challenge.”

The lawmaker states, “The Ministry of Culture should assume a more aggressive attitude in relation to requiring funding for the protection of landmarks, because it feels like it is the Ministry of Finance that manages everything in the state. This is not true, and this stereotype must be changed.”

Another set of problems, according to the politician, is connected with the harmonization of town-planning and protection legislation. “This must be done,” says Iryna Podoliak. “I have already had preliminary talks with Deputy Prime Minister Zubko, and he is ready to create such a working group.”

Speaking about the necessary legislative changes the MP adds that as soon as this week the parliament might register a draft law on counteracting black archeology. “In my opinion, the adoption of this law, without exaggeration, will be really historic,” underlines Iryna Podoliak.

The lawmaker also notes that a new law concerning the movement of cultural values across the state border of Ukraine has been already registered in the Verkhovna Rada. She says, “For over 2.5 years, the working group has been working on it. The group consisted, among others, of experts, representatives of museums, art dealers who do not want to be criminals in their state, but want to carry out their activities legally and pay taxes.”

Summing up, Iryna Podoliak notes, “We must treat our historic landmarks as well as we treat those included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, since this is a matter of our national dignity.”

Iryna Podoliak


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