Iryna Podoliak: It is of utmost importance to have the parliament consider the draft law on the state language this autumn

As noted by people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Iryna Podoliak, a very important, indeed historical issue for Ukraine – the draft law on the state Ukrainian language – should be considered by the parliament by the New Year.

“One way or another, we have already entered the pre-election process – the next elections will take place in two years. Therefore, in order to ensure that such an important, in fact, historical issue for Ukraine is not dragged into the pre-election battles and used as a tool of populism, we will do everything we can, together with colleagues from other deputy committees and faction leaders, to make the draft law reach the session hall,” the people’s deputy notes.

Iryna Podoliak also adds that, along with the draft law, amendments to the law on the rights of national minorities will be also submitted. “Nobody is talking about that, but if we adopt only the law regulating the use of the state language, then we will inevitably have to introduce changes to the 1992 law on the rights of national minorities. Therefore, we have to consider these two draft laws and move forward.”

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