Over the generation, Ukraine has gone through a number of historical events that shape our present and impact the future. Since the Independence, we have lived through great perturbations: from the unapproachable dreams to the ‘1990th recession’, from the enchantment by the Orange revolution victory to disillusionment about the leaders.

Today, Ukraine is in need of people’s power. It needs dedication of each and everyone for the sake of national prosperity.

We, the Ukrainians, are one consolidated national body. We possess a lively soul and eternal spirit. We have our daily bread. We give birth to children and raise them. We are asserting ourselves in our work.

The same as the rest of the world, Ukraine is suffering from the crisis, social, economic and financial. The recession also revealed another crisis, the crisis of values, the crisis of sound principles. That is why life resources of the people are reducing, while proactive and responsible citizens are becoming passive onlookers. Some of them also develop anger and contempt to all and sundry because of the feeling of their own defeat.

Each and every human life is priceless. That is why the community does not have any right to carelessly observe how an individual’s life is being destroyed. When it goes about saving and cultivating it, there is nothing impossible.

Ideology of Samopomich Union Political Party

Be yourself. Cooperate with others. Help those in need. In unity there is strength!


Samopomich Union invites for cooperation those who share the values of the party founders.

I. Life shall be treated as a task a person shall fulfill in a responsible manner as the sacred duty.

II. Your own self shall go together with will and ethical principles which include the following spiritual components:
– belief in life truth;
– hope for the power of human spirit;
– love for your neighbours.

III. One shall join the common search for the truth and develop noble sentiments to his nation and the Homeland;

IV. One shall learn about his nations’ past experiences and share universal human values to be open to the world and to the future.

V. One shall be able to influence life events and processes while shaping oneself in personal progress and growth as well as enhancing one’s life opportunities.


As supported by the feeling of security and trust through mutual understanding, a person shall:

I. Regain the lost feeling of solidarity and belonging.

II. Learn to overcome the fear and recognize the importance and fundamentality of life; to live by truth and all fairness true to your conscience;

III. Do what makes sense and meaning;

IV. Contribute one’s own time, energy and mercy to oneself and to others;

V. Learn from good cause.

Samopomich Union implements into Ukrainian politics the principle of Christian ethics and common sense.

We are aware of the fact that it is only through real connection to living people shall we be able to develop our ideas and acts. It can also help us head for our goals to build a country appealing to