Who will pay for the occupation? – read in the new issue of the “Samopomich Union” newspaper

Read in the “Samopomich Union” newspaper from February 2:

– Who will pay for the occupation? Under the humanistic slogans of the state peace programs in the East, the government is trying to impose onto us the things that will have a terrible effect on the sovereignty of the state.

– Revenge for the fight against corruption. Criminal proceedings against Samopomich MP Andriy Zhurzhiy: nothing more than pure persecution of political opponents in connection with the requirement to dismiss the criminal leadership of the State Fiscal Service.

– Against the business built on blood. ATO veterans blocking the trade with the occupied territories; MPs supporting the initiative.

– Complexity of the simplified system. The government considers it appropriate to impose a unified social tax on entrepreneurs even when they do not receive any income.

– Story of wisdom, devotion and life. In memory of Myron Pidlisetskyi.

– The more brutal force is, the quieter liberal values are. In 2017 Ukraine will be a test for conscience, which will force democracies to make a difficult choice.

– Choosing a family doctor: 10 facts about the primary health care reform.

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