“Public budgets were due to fiscal decentralization, which is now under threat,” Liubomyr Zubach

First all-Ukrainian Forum “PUBLIC BUDGET. Cities for people” continues in Lviv. Here experiences of best practices of municipalities and the public in the implementation of public budgets are exchanged, and the prospects of active participation of people in urban governance are discussed.

As noted by Samopomich MP, Liubomyr Zubach, during the “Experience of Municipalities” discussion panel – the fact that the issue of public budget is topical now is a very big plus.

After all, the issue of local democracy is very important for Ukraine. This tool involves people and lets them be a part of the implementation process and feel proud for the results.

“This year a lot of cities have started introducing the public budget. Why did it happen so? Because due to the fiscal decentralization local governments turned to have more funds. However, today we are step away from adopting the budget for next year. And this budget can adversely affect the decentralization. A large part of government spending related to the education and health sectors will be passed onto the local budgets. As a result, the development budgets of cities and communities will be reduced, according to our estimates, by about one third.

When this happens, these budgets will be spent on the most urgent matters. And it is possible that the public budgets of most cities will not be recognized as urgent matters,” said the MP.

Therefore, Liubomyr Zubach encourages the public, experts, public organizations to express their views on the changes that could harm local government.

“It is wrong to turn a blind eye to the serious threats to the local government, which can kill a lot of good things, including the public budget, because projects cannot be implemented without money,” says Liubomyr Zubach.

Reference: Public budget is a democratic process that enables each citizen to participate in the distribution of the local budget through creation of projects aimed at improving the city and/or through voting for them. Any resident of a city within certain time limits can submit a project aimed at improvement of life in the city, then take part in the competition, win the vote, and watch how their project is implemented within the budget of a given year.

Lyubomyr Zubach
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