The community of the Rivne region demands from the government and Vice Prime Minister Zubko to deliver on the promise to repair roads

Every seventh resident of the Nemovytska community in the Rivne region has signed an appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers demanding to fulfil the promise of the Vice Prime Minister Hennadiy Zubko to repair the road.

During a briefing in the parliament, MP Roman Semenukha drew attention to the terrible state of Ukrainian roads through this example in the Rivne region.

The parliamentarian says, “Nowadays if there is no road to a settlement, then the settlement might disappear and eventually die.”

This can happen in the Nemovytska United Territorial Community (Rivne region). Local activists, supported by Samopomich, are calling on the government to deliver on its promises and finally repair the key for this UTC road, which connects the settlements that make up the community.

Olha, an activist of the UTC, notes: “The decentralization reform is underway in our country. Our Nemovytska community with the aim of ensuring development. The road that connects three villages, three village councils is the artery of this community. The total population of all the settlements is over 11,000.”

She continues, “This road will contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses, and this will mean additional revenues to the budget. The next step is to attract investment. Therefore, this road is very important for our community. “

In addition, the activists emphasize that the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadiy Zubko promised to help repair this road.

An appeal from the residents of the UTC with a request to allocate funds for the construction of the road will be transferred to the Cabinet of Ministers. The document was signed by about 1,700 people, that is, every seventh resident of the community.

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