Chairman of the Energy Regulator Dmytro Vovk wants to remain in office for another 7 years, – Pidlisetskyi

On April 13, the current chairman of the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities Dmytro Vovk will try to prolong his tenure.

The contest commission will decide whether to allow Vovk to participate in the competition or to refuse because of his non-compliance with the required criteria.

Everyone who has been monitoring the situation connected with the Regulator is outraged because of the very fact that Vovk submitted his documents in the first place.

Lev Pidlisetskyi, a member of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada, states:

“Just remember the war of the presidential team to ensure there will be no complete rotation in the National Commission! Then everyone eagerly awaited the President’s order on the rotation of members! Twice the President managed to reach his goal – he kept Vovk in office! But apparently, they have an even bigger goal to pursue.

The glorious chairman is applying for the position again willing to remain in office for another 7 years. But there is one problem – the law on the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities does not allow the candidates who do not have at least 5 years of experience in energy sphere to participate in the contest.

Tomorrow we will see, whether the independent contest commission is truly unbiased, or the President has influence even on it.”

The people’s deputy reminds that earlier Dmytro Vovk worked at Roshen corporation, not in the energy sector.

“Just in case, I will also attach the biography of Dmytro Vovk from Wikipedia. Because it might change by tomorrow or Roshen Corporation will become an energy company. Its owner, at any rate, is quite experienced in energy regulation matters.”

In addition, Pidlisetskyi also emphasizes that Anton Hudachenko, who is a close associate of Vovk and is a member of the commission, has no corresponding experience either.

Lev Pidlisetskyj
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