Samopomich open lists in Kyiv and Zhytomyr region

Samopomich party members in the regions continue to rate the current members of the Samopomich faction in parliament, as well as representatives of regional offices.

Voting results of the Kyiv city organization:

Among representatives of the region:

  1. Hryhoriy Malenko, entrepreneur
  2. Nataliia Manoilenko, Kyiv city council deputy, lawyer

Among current MPs:

  1. Oksana Syroyid
  2. Oleh Bereziuk
  3. Ruslan Sydorovych
  4. Roman Semenukha
  5. Oleh Lavryk

How did Zhytomyr region vote?

  1. Nataliia Chyzh, secretary of the Zhytomyr city council, leader of the Zhytomyr regional organization of the Samopomich Union political party, volunteer, public figure
  2. Yuliia Lefter, secretary of the Berdychiv city council, head of the Berdychiv city department
  3. Oleksandr Rybak, chair of the Zhytomyr city centre, public figure, deputy of the Zhytomyr city council
  4. Viktor Kurbatov, deputy of the Baranivka United Territorial Community, chairman of the Baranivka regional organization
  5. Petro Pikovskyi, First Deputy Mayor of the city of Malyn. Military volunteer

Among current MPs:

  1. Oleh Bereziuk
  2. Oksana Syroyid
  3. Oleh Lavryk
  4. Roman Semenukha
  5. Tetiana Ostrikova

We shall recall that all party members of the relevant regional organization determine the position of the candidate on the working list by secret voting.

At the same time, one-third of the future list is reserved for community activists, independent experts and potential allies.

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