Olena Sotnyk: Prosecutor General’s Office suspended the pre-trial investigation into officials of Yanukovych

The Prosecutor General’s Office suspended the investigation into the criminal cases against officials of the “criminal regime” of Yanukovych. This was reported by MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Olena Sotnyk.

“For several months I had been submitting appeals and inquiries to the Prosecutor General’s Office about the state of affairs regarding the investigations into the criminal authorities. For quite a long time they did not provide any answer, justifying this by a deputy’s interference into the investigative activities, but in fact covering up what was really happening in these cases.

However, when I finally received a response to my latest request, it said that today the investigative actions in criminal proceedings on such key persons of the former criminal regime as Azarov, Zakharchenko, Arbuzov, Pshonka and many others, had been suspended,” said the MP.

So today there is a great risk that none of these people will incur liability. The Prosecutor General’s Office justifies its actions with the fact that they are tracking down these persons. However, according to the lawmaker, it was exactly for such cases – when a suspect is hiding from the investigation and the court – that the Verkhovna Rada adopted and introduced into the criminal proceedings the institute of trial in absentia, which does not require the presence of the suspects.

“Just as it was with the case of Yanukovych, the Prosecutor General’s Office could have easily submitted all the other cases to the court, for the criminals to be convicted in absentia. And the key point: even if some of the cases are really complex – and this can actually be so – the Prosecutor General could have addressed the Verkhovna Rada to provide a longer period of investigation for the cases with very serious crimes. But just to suspend the cases is cynical. Especially today, on the eve of the Euromaidan anniversary,” says Olena Sotnyk.

Olena Sotnyk
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