“Samopomich” requires dismissal of Nasirov and Bilan

Samopomich Union faction requires dismissal of Nasirov and Bilan, as well as to hold a public competition for the senior management positions in the State Fiscal Service.
Back on October 3, 2016 MPs Andriy Zhurzhiy and Viktoriia Voitsitska sent a deputy’s appeal, in the 355 pages of which they laid out the facts of illegal activities of the senior management of the State Fiscal Service.
Since either the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance of Ukraine still haven’t fulfilled their promises to investigate each fact of the offense, Samopomich requires to immediately dismiss Nasirov and Bilan and to hold a public competition for their positions.
In addition, today a campaign on informing the Ukrainian public about the criminal activities of the State Fiscal Service started. In particular a special website has been launched. At this very website entrepreneurs can submit their own complaints about the activities of the Tax Office.

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