Samopomich faction: You cannot intimidate us!

While the oligarchs do not only peacefully live in the country, but also cynically rob the Ukrainian budget, while their vassals in this hall and beyond it spit in the eyes of people, while none of those who led Ukraine into the war are punished, the guys and the girls who rebelled against the arbitrariness of tyranny and corruption are in prisons today.

Today, the chairman of the regional organization of Samopomich Vladyslav Marchenko was arrested in Zaporizhia and taken to Kharkiv. Why Kharkiv? Because this is the city that follows all the instructions of the Presidential Administration without a slightest protest. And in this absolutely politically motivated case there was a clear command – to imprison.

This case is under personal supervision of the deputy chairman of the Security Service – Demchyna. This case is personally handled by the Prosecutor General. Why? Because the most important thing for them is to discredit those who struggle against tyranny and arbitrariness.

During this year the people of Zaporizhia have been pressurized and bullied. Yet they managed to stand their ground – by the will of the Lord and the support of people. But the despotism cannot forgive them that, therefore it has resorted to blackmail using the supreme body in the state – the Presidential Administration. It’s a shame.

It’s time to say no. We will never succumb. We are all ready to stand trial. But a fair trial in fair courts, not in the ones ruled by those who rob the Ukrainian state and throw it into the war.

You cannot intimidate us; on the contrary – you will only gather around us the people who will repulse those who destroy the Ukrainian statehood.

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