Samopomich faction is waging a real war with the authorities for the Anti-Corruption Court

The Samopomich faction has not changed its position and it insists on the immediate adoption of the law that will allow creating the Anti-Corruption Court.

“It is very important to create an institution that will punish those who have been plundering the state budget for years; the institution that will, first of all, give hope to people that the state is moving towards civilizational standards, and will also give hope to international donors, investors and businessmen who will eventually come to Ukraine,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

The Samopomich faction – in particular, Yehor Soboliev and his colleagues – had drafted a bill that had been there in the parliament for more than a year, but was eventually withdrawn so that the President could present his own bill.

“We withdrew our bill and trusted the President. Unfortunately, this trust has turned into some “petty intrigues”, which meet exclusively the interests of the colonial system’s heirs, namely, the oligarchy.

Therefore, the opaque process of the selection of judges, proposed in the presidential bill, turns this court into a worthless body.

“Here (in the studio) there is a discussion: will we lose Ukraine’s sovereignty if foreign donors control the appointment of judges. Unfortunately, Ukraine’s sovereignty is undermined by two factors: by our everlasting enemy Russia, which is interested in the lack of transparency in the selection of judges and in instability in the country, and by oligarchic corrupt officials.

Today, the donors who for 26 years have been trying to invest money in the Ukrainian economy for the sake of the economy development have seen that this money has settled in the pockets of the oligarchs, so they probably have the last chance today.

It is necessary to take into account all the remarks made by the Venice Commission and our civilizational partners and to ensure that the selection process will give us the most independent judges. Indeed, this will not be easy, but this is vital.

Let this court consider only five cases of top corruption, but really convict and punish the criminals and give hope to people that the path to justice is open. Do you remember when it was necessary to appoint the ignoramus Prosecutor General? Back then the President managed to do within a day everything that he has not been able to do in a year with regard to the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court.

We have no time. We must pass the law the next plenary week and create the court within a few months in order to start considering cases; otherwise, we will lose not only the trust of partners, but also the trust of people, which is much worse. Therefore, I urge the President, his Administration, the government, the Verkhovna Rada to do this for people. This is an easy thing to do if one is not afraid,” stresses the chairman of the Samopomich faction.

Oleh Berezyuk
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