Samopomich faction ranking top in the rating of the support for the reformist laws in 2016

According to the results of 2016, MPs from the Samopomich Union faction have become leaders in voting for the reformist laws.
“When back in February we decided to go into opposition, we immediately agreed that we would never act in accordance with the communist principle of “the worse – the better”. Both in the “European Ukraine” coalition and in the opposition we have always supported all the proposals of the Government and the President if we considered them beneficial for the society. And we will continue doing so, as well as proposing our own initiatives, starting with the law on the anti-corruption court,” says Samopomich deputy, Yehor Soboliev.
As noted by Samopomich MP, Viktoriia Voitsitska, the results of these reforms’ implementation wouldn’t be felt immediately. Nevertheless, we need to join efforts in order to ensure their adoption and control over the implementation.
“It is often the case that reforms need to be actively protected from the attacks and sabotage of the “old Ukraine”. Certain reforms require further steps on the part of the Government to be implemented, and, unfortunately, there are cases of conscious hampering of development and adoption of secondary legislation.
Nonetheless, only those who take steps can go the distance. Let’s pull together to have the reformist laws adopted and to ensure their implementation. Let’s control the executive power on each level,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska.

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