“The profession of a feldsher in emergency medicine should be immediately returned to the classifier of occupation titles” – Iryna Sysoyenko

Samopomich MP Iryna Sysoyenko addressed the government with a demand to immediately correct the mistake of the Ministry of Health – to return the profession of an emergency medicine feldsher to the classifier of occupation titles.”
“The whole system of emergency medical care requires systemic and consistent actions of the Cabinet of Ministers today,” Iryna Sysoyenko believes.
According to her, the decision to cancel this profession is unacceptable. In Ukraine, there are 16,000 feldshers, and they are the backbone of emergency medical care teams. But as a result of the Ministry of Health’s decision, since the beginning of the month they have no right to work.
At the same time, there are yet no specialists in the new professions defined by the Ministry of Health – “instructor for prehospital care”, “paramedic”, “emergency medical technician”. According to Iryna Sysoyenko, presently we can only provide for these professions, develop and introduce appropriate training programs.
“Ukraine has long adopted a law on emergency medical care, which must be carried out by the government. The most important thing here is the financing of the emergency medical care program. I have been fighting for two years in a row to have funds allocated for this vitally important program,” the MP states.
“Therefore, instead of changing professions I suggest that the Ministry of Health should fight for changes to the State Budget for 2018 together with me and defend 5.4 billion hryvnias for the purchase of emergency vehicles, development of a unified dispatching service at the regional level, medical equipment and, most importantly, the salaries of medical workers of emergency teams.”

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