Danchenko: This Parliament can give a real chance to digitalization of the country

Tomorrow in the first half of the day the Parliament will consider a set of issues related to informatization. People’s deputy from “Samopomich Union”, Oleksandr Danchenko, calls on deputies to endorse all the bills from this set. He stated this during the meeting of the coordination board.

“What does this set of bills mean? This means that this Parliament can become the first one to really give a chance to the digitalization of the country. This is the chance when in one set we can reform the entire industry and, finally, move from the resource-based economy to a knowledge economy. I call upon everybody to support all of these bills,” Oleksandr Danchenko encourages.

According to the MP, representatives of the Parliamentary Committee on Informatization and Communication, as well as he himself, have conducted a lot of talks and meetings it in the last two weeks aimed at finding support for the tomorrow’s set of bills connected with informatization.

“I appeal to all the heads of the factions, if anyone has some other comments, there is still time today to work on them,” sums up Oleksandr Danchenko.


Oleksandr Danchenko
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