Energy efficiency of buildings is a concern of the state’s energy security – Aliona Babak

The Parliament adopted as a basis the draft law on energy efficiency of buildings, which allows the introduction of labeling of buildings in Ukraine in accordance with their energy class.

As noted by Samopomich MP Aliona Babak, in the first place this bill puts a demand for new buildings to receive certificates indicating their energy efficiency class: “First of all, people need to know what kind of apartment and in what kind of house they buy.

Secondly, the developer will be responsible for ensuring the appropriate energy efficiency class within five years; that is, if the actual consumption is greater than what is indicated in the energy efficiency class certificate provided to the developer, the later will have to bring the relevant indicators in line with those specified in their energy certificate at their own expense. In addition, mandatory certification will also be carried out for those facilities, whose modernization was carried out with the involvement of government or grant funds.

“That is, if warm loans were taken out to repair a house, or the funds for insulation of a communal school or kindergarten were allocated from the local budget, the certificate will serve as a confirmation of the quality of the work,” notes Aliona Babak.

The MP is convinced that energy efficiency is a matter of the energy security of the state and of ensuring the availability of energy resources for citizens. Moreover, the adopted draft law is also part of Ukraine’s fulfillment of its obligations to adjust our legislation to the European standards.

“By this bill we oblige the government to develop a national action plan to begin construction of facilities in Ukraine with close to zero consumption of energy resources. These are the so-called “passive houses”. Europe has chosen this path long ago. And today we are creating the legislative framework for Ukraine to start moving in this direction,” concludes Aliona Babak.

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