Roman Semenukha: E-ticket will give back to the budgets the funds that can be used for the improvement of transport quality

Today the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and as a whole a bill №4121 which regulates the introduction of an automated passenger fare accounting system in public transport. According to MP of the Samopomich Union faction, Roman Semenukha, introduction of the electronic ticket system is a big step forward both for passengers and municipalities, and the state as a whole.

“Firstly, this is convenient for passengers – no cash is required. Secondly, this is beneficial for cities: today, according to various estimates, 20-30% of the money that people pay for public transportation is in the shade. We can only imagine these amounts of money. When this 20-30% gets back to the city budgets, this money can be invested into improving the quality of transport, fleet renewal, etc.,” says Roman Semenukha.

The lawmaker adds that in the state there is an acute problem of compensation for the transportation of the privileged categories of citizens in public transport: “There is no record of the number of the beneficiaries, so there has always been a heated discussion over this issue. And the introduction of e-ticket allows obtaining real figures both about the number of beneficiaries and the total number of passengers, making it possible to transparently reimburse the funds, as well as to create and plan new routes or to optimize the existing ones.”

At the same time Roman Semenukha explains that the Parliament’s adoption of the law does not mean an obligation for municipalities to implement the automated system; this is merely their right and an opportunity for them.

“There are cities that are already for this. However, I am convinced that there will be cities that will delay the implementation of the e-ticket system, although the benefits of such a system and obvious,” concludes Roman Semenukha.

Roman Semenuha
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