PEC in a bar, a missing seal, and marked ballot papers. Elections in the United Territorial Communities in Odesa region ended with massive violations

The elections to UTCs in Odesa region came to an end. The final results of the election are not known at the moment. According to observers and candidates from the Samopomich Union party, the elections were held with numerous violations of the electoral legislation. The greatest number of violations was recorded in the Tairov UTC; the violations there started long before the very election began.

1. PEC was located at a distance of 4.5 km from the place of actual residence of voters. Repeated appeals of candidates to relocate the voting place were ignored.

2. The actual location of the PEC did not coincide with the pre-registered location and was located in a bar.

3. Voters could not verify whether their names were on the lists, because the members of the commission were not present at the voting premises all the time.

4. Local polling stations opened late; a clash and a line of 100-120 people were recorded. Because of this it was much easier for offenders to commit frauds.

5. In particular, some of the ballot papers were marked with red paint – the marks were placed opposite the name of Obertun – a candidate from the Opposition Bloc.

6. Two PEC members issued ballot papers to people who do not belong to this electoral district, but are registered in the town of Podolsk. The perpetrators – both those who issued the ballot papers, and those who took them – were detained by the police. But after two hours of detention they returned to their workplaces.

7. In Tairiv district of the Odesa region, observers documented an organized busing of voters.

8. At one of the polling stations, a voter tried to take a bulletin outside the polling station.

9. In Tairiv UTC in Odesa region, there is an attempt to disrupt the elections. At the polling station #510685, the chairman and secretary disappeared having seized the seal and all documents. The police were called, but the fugitives have not been found. In hour and a half, the latter came back on their own. The election process at this polling station has not been stopped.

Samopomich Odesa

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