“I think this was done by those who need destabilization in the city” – unknown people set fire to the car of a Samopomich deputy

Tonight, two unknown persons got into a private yard of a deputy of the Chornomorsk city council, head of the Odesa regional organization of Samopomich Union, Ivan Smirenskyi, doused his car with petrol and set fire to it.

The owner, who was awakened by the sound of the cracking tires, immediately called the police and emergency services. According to Ivan Smirenskyi, the services arrived quickly, but the car was burnt to the ground by that time.

He also says that on the eve of the incident he received no threats. “However, I have certain suspicions… I think this was done by those people who need destabilization in the city.”

Over the past two and a half years this is already the fifth such incident with the cars of local deputies in Chornomorsk. The police have launched a criminal proceeding in connection with the arson.

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