“Don’t forget about Ukraine” – Sadovyi presented Andriy Bohdan with a flag lapel pin

During the talk show “The Right to Power”, Samopomich leader Andriy Sadovyi presented the President’s Chief of Staff, Andriy Bohdan, with a lapel pin depicting the national flag of Ukraine.

The politician said Andriy Bohdan should replace Zelensky’s symbol that remained on his jacket after the inauguration with the Ukrainian flag as “not to forget about Ukraine.”

Sadovyi noted that the President’s Chief of Staff would be responsible for around three thousand appointments. “And the future of our country depends on how honest and responsible those appointed people will be.

There is one more thing I’m concerned with. A lot has been said about how the parties will win, how the “Servant of the People” party will win. As a matter of fact, President’s Chief of Staff, the President and the heads of regional administrations, who are appointed by the President, should deal with the country issues, the development of regions. I have been working in this sphere for 14 years and I remember presidential chiefs of staff – all of them have always been involved in the elections and the victory of the pro-government candidate or the party. But it’s not right”.

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