Drik addressing Vilkul: “First you invite war to Ukraine, and now you are lying promising to stop it”

“It was the leader of the Party of Regions who brought the war to Ukraine. And you were a member of this party and a member of the government representing this party. It was your leader who turned to Putin with a request to send troops to Ukraine. Why do you first invite war to Ukraine, and then you’re lying promising to stop it?”

Such a question was addressed by an anti-corruption activist, the 3rd number on Samopomich’s electoral list to the parliament, Oleksandra Drik during the “Freedom of Speech” talk show to the leader of the Opposition Bloc Oleksandr Vilkul.

She also reminded the current parliamentary candidate that in Ukraine there is one state language.

“If you do not like the language that government officials should speak, then you should not run for government positions,” said Drik.

We shall recall that a Samopomich representative, MP Iryna Podoliak was the initiator and a co-author of the law on language.

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