Drik: “It is the highest level of cynicism manifestation when Poroshenko’s “European solidarity” comes to defend lustration”

Protests in defence of the law on lustration, which might be cancelled today, continue outside the Constitutional Court.

According to Oleksandra Drik, an anti-corruption activist, the head of the council of the Public Lustration Committee, and the 3rd number on the Samopomich electoral list, Poroshenko himself, while being the president, violated the law on the cleansing of power.

“Therefore, the fact that his “European Solidarity” has come to defend lustration today is the highest level manifestation of cynicism. Because Poroshenko in his time did not dismiss officials who fell under lustration and did not dismiss the judges of the Constitutional Court, although he had such an opportunity.

And now in the Constitutional Court, there are people who adopted decisions on a constitutional coup in the interests of Yanukovych back in 2010. In particular, this is the chair of the court Mrs. Sheptala, who was among those judges whose decisions allowed the Yanukovych regime to usurp power. And these decisions led to the shooting of people at Maidan,” says Drik.

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