“All cities in Ukraine should be treated equally” – Sadovyi about decentralization

Decentralization has mainly come to major cities. The smaller ones – which constitute up to 30% – have not got a single hryvnia from the income tax, therefore they are hardly surviving.

The leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, said about this on the air of the “Freedom of Speech” talk show.

“There has been so much talking about the successes of decentralization, that we have already forgotten why this is all done. This is done for people – to let people get high-quality services in medicine, education, etc. Therefore, all cities in Ukraine should be treated equally, and the state should not interfere with them,” said Sadovyi.

The politician has also suggested eliminating all regional state administrations: “They are of no use. There are a lot of people working in them, while it is more useful to have small offices to coordinate the work of cities with the government. And these offices should be government structures.”

We shall recall that in its electoral program, Samopomich proposes to keep 50% of local taxes in communities and to ensure equal access of cities to personal income tax.

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