By January 2021 residents of apartment buildings will still be able to install apartment meters at the expense of gas companies

The Verkhovna Rada, with its 325 votes, supported the bill authored by Samopomich deputies, which regulates the accounting of gas from January 1, 2018.

However, as early as in the morning there was still a risk that 8 million Ukrainians who live today in 3 million apartments and in which individual gas meters are not installed will end up without gas in the new year.

On Tuesday, there were not enough votes for the consensus bill that addressed this issue. Today, however, the parliament managed to rehabilitate itself in the eyes of citizens.

The parliament has approved the law that changes the deadline for the installation of apartment meters from January 1, 2018, to January 1, 2021. The possibility of financing meters from the local budget was excluded from the text of the law, and it was clearly determined that compensation for people who independently set up apartment gas meters will be carried out at the expense of the tariff for the distribution of natural gas – for the consumers who will install meters in 2018, it must be implemented within 12 months.

Now, there won’t be gas companies’ representatives coming and turning off gas on January 1, and people will be able to install apartment meters at the expense of gas companies, which will ensure the fairness in consumption and payment.

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