Lev Pidlisetskyi: In order to solve the problems of miners we need to carry out reforms, instead of “putting out fires”
Last week the Verkhovna Rada adopted law №4744 «On Amendments to the Law “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2016” on the state support for the state coal producers. Additional 450 million hryvnias were allocated  to cover the arrears of wages for miners.
As noted by MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Lev Pidlisetskyi, the faction insisted that these funds were allocated precisely for the miners’ salaries, instead of simply being “shifted off” to the coal industry, so that they can be stolen.
“After the meeting with the miners it was planned to allocate 1 billion hryvnias for the coal industry. During the voting for the bill in the first reading Yehor Soboliev proposed to introduce the norm according to which these funds would be used for wages exclusively. During the vote in the second reading it turned out that the sum was decreased to 450 million, but the law was voted, and the miners will receive their salaries, which they haven’t received for several months,” says Lev Pidlisetskyi.
However, the MP is convinced that the root of all the problems with the miners is that the Government fails to perform its duties and is not carrying out reforms that would ensure a continued flow of funds for the salaries of miners.
“We have to make the Government carry out reforms, we need to put an end to the practice of “putting out fires”, and then the industry will thrive. Do we contribute to the development of the industry when we try to keep all the mines? Definitely no! That means that we have to make a decisive move and close the inefficient mines, to find a way to improve their performance capability if there is such an opportunity, and then the industry will flourish
This is a difficult process, but somebody has to take care of it. Today, somebody is actually taking care of it, but only because they can make a lot of money on the industry. The longer this somebody makes money on the industry, the longer the system will resist. And although this system creates a lot of discomfort, for the officials as well (since there is a constant discontent on the part of miners, miners’ protests), the opportunity to make money contributes to the fact that no changes take place,” concludes Lev Pidlisetskyi.
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