Serhiy Kiral: It is very important for us that the business does not suffer in the bureaucratic runaround

Samopomich Union faction is in favour of supporting at a meeting of the Cabinet the proposals, draft documents and provisions aimed at implementing the law on liberalization of the system of state supervision and control in the sphere of economic activity, which were developed by the Ministry of Economy and State Regulatory Service.
We shall recall, this law was initiated by Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, deputy of the Samopomich faction Serhiy Kiral, and was adopted by the Parliament last year.
We are talking about the integrated automated system functioning, a methodology with the help of which the supervisory authorities will be able to determine the permissible frequency of business inspections and the procedure for implementing complex planned measures of state supervision (control).
“It is of utmost importance to make sure that the innovations laid down in the law and aimed at transparency of the state supervision system are preserved, and that business will be more protected. We know that very often, due to certain lobbying or unprofessional actions by the central executive bodies, the laws, however good they are, are changed quite drastically,” says Serhiy Kiral.
Therefore, at his initiative, the Committee of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship established a permanent working group that will regularly listen to both the Head of the Regulatory Service and the Deputies of the Minister of Economy in order to monitor the implementation of the legislation.

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