Why do people go to Davos?

The Swiss city of Davos is known not only for the World Economic Forum. According to Wikipedia, it is also a wonderful ski resort, the venue for the first and only World Ball Hockey Championship, and also the place where Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote his novel “Treasure Island”.

Petro Poroshenko is keen on both islands and treasures not only thanks to novels. After all, he himself could write at least an adventure story about his last vacation. And even if he conceals his travels from the public in order to impress everyone with his shocking memoirs one day, almost four years ago he promised – and we expected – that he would impress us with something else.

But he is not impressing us – either with a victorious saga of the transition from the n-th world to the first one, or with an anti-utopia grounding why one can never change anything.

Instead of answers we have a mere avoidance of open dialogue and attempts to throw dust into the eyes of international partners and donors of Ukraine.

I’m going to Davos to ask the President the questions to which neither I nor my colleagues or journalists cannot get answers in Ukraine. Because the President does not like to give interviews to uncontrolled media and he answers questions selectively.

I’m going to Davos because I know that it will be much harder for the President to bluff his way or to simply avoid answers to direct questions, the way he does it at home press conferences. It will not be so easy for the President in the face of Western donors and potential foreign investors, about the attraction of whom he likes to talk.

I am going to Davos in order to remind our Western colleagues again that the Ukrainian establishment is more than Poroshenko and Klitschko, Pinchuk and Kolomoiskyi. In order to demonstrate once again that Ukraine and the current Ukrainian government are not identical concepts. To ensure Europe and the US that they should not fear that the current authorities cannot be replaced. Because this is not true.

I’m going to Davos because I want both the West and Ukraine to see and feel – our “alternative” establishment is capable of way more than just criticizing and it knows not only “how not to do”, but also “how to do”. That we have something to offer, and we are offering it. That we have long defeated our own inexperience and naivety, and now we are fighting against those who are not just unwilling to change the country, although they have all the possibilities for this, but are actually preventing any changes.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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