“Today some parliamentarians did their best to kill the law on the electricity market” – Lev Pidlisetskyi

The parliament has sent the bill that destroys the monopoly in the field of electric power and introduces the electricity market for the second reading.
“1,200 amendments had been submitted to the bill; about 500 of them were supported by the Fuel and Energy Committee. However, the deputies from the Batkivshchyna faction abolished 11 key amendments, which, in fact, destroyed the law,” says Lev Pidlisetskyi, a member of the Samopomich Union, chairman of the working group that has been working on this law.
In the opinion of the people’s deputy, it was impossible to adopt the law in this configuration, because it is completely unbalanced.
“To vote for the law in this form is the same as to produce a car having no two left wheels. On the one hand, this is still a car; on the other hand, one cannot drive it. Deputies have ruled out everything that concerns the connection to the electricity grid. What is worse is that they have also excluded all the regulations concerning the so-called generic service provider, which will have a great responsibility to consumers and will work with “special” consumers, for example, with those who receive subsidies,” notes Lev Pidlisetskyi.
The MP is convinced that today’s voting in the parliament was aimed at killing the law: “And, unfortunately, this goal has been achieved. Personally, I have no idea what else can be improved in this document.”

Lev Pidlisetskyj
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