“The state must make inventory of the gas distribution networks and return them to the state property” – Viktoriya Voitsitska

According to Viktoriya Voitsitska, people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union, the gas distribution networks are one of the largest lost state assets, the Achilles’ heel and the shame of the Ukrainian energy industry, which for more than 20 years has been in free use of private companies – regional gas companies, most of which are controlled by oligarch Firtash.

“Every year, the state loses hundreds of millions, if not billions. And this money is received by the pro-Russian oligarch. As a result, the networks modernization is not carried out, so now we are on the verge of a catastrophe. This is a time bomb,” notes Viktoriya Voitsitska.

In the lawmaker’s opinion it is no doubt that this property has to be returned to the state. However, at first the state should provide for an inventory of its assets and conduct a full certification of gas distribution networks. And after that they should already be transferred from the balance of regional gas companies, where they are, to the state ownership.

“And only then it will be possible to talk about which form will be appropriate for the regulation of relations between the operator and the state. As a state, we must attract billions of investments in order to modernize the gas distribution network. So that we do not observe continuous accidents and losses of billions of cubic meters of gas annually,” said Viktoriya Voitsitska.

The Samopomich faction calls on the parliament to set up a working group on the basis of the relevant committee and finalize a comprehensive bill that would let resolve the situation from the very beginning: starting from inventorying, certification, and ending with determining the optimal form of the relationship between the state and the investor that will be most acceptable.


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