Oleh Lavryk: The state is robbing local budgets

Samopomich deputies will support changes to the Budget Code of Ukraine, only if the Parliament considers amendments of the faction.

Thus, “Samopomich” has four main comments to the proposed changes. The faction requires:

– to return the retail excise tax to local communities;

– to return subventions for public services for institutions of education and medicine to local communities;

– to return subventions for salaries of non-core workers in the spheres of education of medicine;

– not to transfer the compensation of benefits for transportation to local budgets.

“If these changes are adopted, the development budgets of major cities will be reduced by 30-35%, and in small towns with population of up to 50 000 people, these changes can lead to the decrease of the development budgets by up to 70-80%. That is, in fact, we leave local governments without any money,” says MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Lavryk.

As noted by MP Liubomyr Zubach, these changes to the Budget Code accompany adoption of the budget for 2017.

“Therefore, the state wants to transfer a significant amount of expenditures to the local budgets. This wrong, a priori, because according to the law, when the state delegates certain functions to local governments, it should provide them with money. And what is happening now is just an avoidance of responsibility. “Samopomich” insists that that the budget be left unchanged in this part,” notes Liubomyr Zubach.

Oleh Lavryk
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