Deputies of the European Parliament: “We wish Samopomich best of success in your further work and preparation for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections”

Members of the European Parliament – the President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats of Europe (ALDE) Hans van Baalen and the Chairman of the Informal Group of Friends of European Ukraine Petras Auštrevičius – sent a congratulatory letter to the delegates on the occasion of the congress of Samopomich Union.

The letter says that the members of the political family of ALDE share the position of Samopomich when it comes to the support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and resolving of the armed conflict provoked by Russia in eastern Ukraine.

They also share the views and initiatives of Samopomich on the introduction of political and economic reforms aimed at achieving the independence of the judicial system, improving the rule of law, strengthening accountability and openness of officials, including the accountability for public finances.

“We wish you best of success for your further work in the Verkhovna Rada and in elected offices across Ukraine and also for the preparation for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections. We look forward to further cooperation between Samopomich Union and the ALDE party. Slava Ukraini!” noted the MEPs.

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