Deputies demand the government to provide financing for emergency medical services

This was reported by Iryna Sysoyenko, MP, deputy chairperson of the Health Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, on March 20 during a press briefing in the Verkhovna Rada.

“Today, on the International Day of Happiness, I would like to ask you a question: Can a person be happy if he/she is ill? No, they cannot. Once again I am trying to draw attention of the government to the fact that for 2 years the state program for the development of emergency medical services has not been funded. There is no money to create operational dispatch services in the regions, to provide proper funding for the payroll fund of the emergency medical care employees and to provide them with extra payments, not to mention the purchase of equipment and fleet renewal. Some of the ambulances that still drive on the roads of Ukraine are medical antiques, which should be replaced as soon as possible with new modern vehicles,” noted Iryna Sysoyenko.

Together with her colleagues from the Samopomich faction, Iryna Sysoyenko has repeatedly initiated the corresponding amendments and changes to the State Budget of Ukraine, and during the last parliamentary week, she managed to collect 227 signatures of MPs – representatives of all political forces supported the initiative to amend the state budget and provide funding for the emergency medical services.

“Unfortunately, neither the government, nor the Prime Minister of Ukraine, nor the Ministry of Finance hears us. The emergency medical services which save health and lives of every Ukrainian catastrophically lack funding,” states the lawmaker.

Representatives of the professional community also took part in the briefing. According to Vitaliy Kriliuk from the Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Centre for the Emergency Medical Care and Disaster Medicine of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, it is better to speak about these problems in figures, “Every year, 140,000 of our compatriots die before arriving at the hospitals; most of these people are of working age. It is with acute pathology that the greatest number of deaths is associated. And according to the calculations of international experts, every loss of a young life costs 400 thousand dollars.”

Vitaliy Kriliuk stressed that the number 1 problem in the region was the catastrophic outflow of personnel abroad and into related spheres. People leave their beloved jobs because of meager salaries, lack of motivation and normal working conditions.

“The vehicles of the emergency medical teams are in awful condition. Unless we achieve at least minimal improvements now, then within a few years there will be no specialists left in the emergency medical care system, and there will be no one to implement the planned reforms.”

Viktor Yevtushenko, chairman of the Independent trade union of workers of the Bila Tserkva emergency medical care station, supported his colleagues’ rhetoric, “Thanks to the efforts of Iryna Sysoyenko and MPs of the Samopomich Union faction, the program of development of regional emergency medical care has been adopted and is being implemented, so the situation in the Kyiv region is better than in other regions. However, the wages of emergency medical workers absolutely do not correspond to the market realities. People are forced to seek greener pastures, sometimes even in other countries. We must preserve at least what we already have – we must motivate professionals, repair vehicles, buildings, and staff rest areas. Emergency medical care employees from all over Ukraine hope for better working conditions and wages.”

Finishing the briefing, Iryna Sysoyenko called on the Prime Minister of Ukraine to organize a meeting with the leaders of all regional centres of emergency medical care in order to learn about the problems first-hand and to provide funding for the services.


Iryna Sysoienko
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