Samopomich deputies in Odesa region prevented excessive bonuses for local top officials

Recently, Chornomorsk city council considered a decision on increasing salaries of its leadership by 100-200%. This was supposed to be done through bonuses issued on the occasion of various holidays. Despite the fact that there are several thousand employees working in the local self-government bodies of Chornomorsk, only seven chosen would receive additional payments, among them – the mayor, his deputies and the secretary of the city council.

Although the authorities haven’t managed to implement this shady initiative so far, according to local representatives of Samopomich, the attempts to deceive people may recur.

The paradox of the situation is that some top officials should rather be laid off than rewarded. “The secretary of the city council hasn’t held a single meeting with the heads of the factions in the year and a half of the body’s work. The first deputy mayor has been in charge of construction and architecture for ten years. There is a street which in sinking in the sea, because shore protection works have not carried out. And we are about to reward the person due to his negligence and inaction this happened,” says Samopomich representative in Chornomorsk city council, Ivan Smyrenskyi.

He believes that that selective rewarding is nothing more than discrimination. “In that case it is necessary to issue bonuses for all categories of local government employees – from the mayor to the cleaners,” emphasizes the deputy.

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