Samopomich deputies are the leaders in reporting

People’s deputies representing Samopomich Union political faction have become the most responsible to the public deputies and won big in a new initiative on deputies’ reporting introduced by the movement “Chesno.”

The campaign encourages MPs to report on a user-friendly online resource The campaign lasted from mid-January till mid-April 2018 and proved that twice as many people’s deputies are ready to tell Ukrainians about their achievements if there are modern online platforms for this.

During a press conference on summing up the interim results of the campaign, which was held on April 23, MP of the Samopomich parliamentary faction Viktoriia Voitsitska noted that the transparency and accountability of people’s deputies was the key to a new quality Ukrainian policy:

“I am very pleased that it is the Samopomich faction that became the leader in reporting on the website, and I promise to do everything possible to convince the remaining 40% to use the platform for reporting. In my turn, I suggest further improving the platform and providing the possibility for the publication of the texts of deputy requests and the responses to them, since these are the deputy’s requests that become an instrument of pressure and political corruption,” the MP noted.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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