Samopomich representative Iryna Podoliak left the ZIK channel studio in an act of protest

On Friday, ZIK channel announced a new owner of the TV channel. This is a businessman and politician from the inner circle of Viktor Medvedchuk – Taras Kozak.

“The fact that ZIK was bought by Taras Kozak, who is Medvedchuk’s friend, is a disaster for the Ukrainian people. Journalists are already leaving the channel en masse. In protest against the monopolization of the information space and the attack on freedom of speech, I have to leave your studio. This is what every politician who respects our state must do,” said MP Podoliak and left the program despite the presenter’s pleas to stay.

People’s deputies Yuriy Miroshnichenko (Opposition Platform “Za Zhyttia”) and Ihor Mosiychuk, as well as a member of the party “Sluha Narodu”(Servant of People) Sviatoslav Yurash remained in the studio.

We shall recall that Taras Kozak owns two more channels – 112 Ukraine and News One – and he himself is running for parliament with the Opposition Platform party.

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