“Deportation of Saakashvili is the manifestation of the cynicism of today’s authorities” – statement of Samopomich

Saakashvili’s brutal arrest and his expulsion from Ukraine are the true cynical colours of today’s Ukrainian authorities. A the time when Petro Poroshenko needed the political reputation, experience and international ties of the former president of Georgia – the latter was gladly welcomed and publicly used.

But when Saakashvili took advantage of his rights as a citizen of Ukraine to freedom of speech and took the liberty to criticize the corrupt authorities – he became unnecessary and harmful for the President. The President’s further application of the entire state machine with an aim of depriving Saakashvili of his citizenship and expelling him from the country is the humiliation of the state authorities of Ukraine and the depreciation of the institution of citizenship itself. This is a direct message to all of us – the oligarchic power needs obedient slaves, not citizens. This is also a message to officials on the eve of the upcoming elections – everybody will be punished immediately and cruelly for the smallest trace of disobedience.

The brutal administrative resource is the last resort of the current leadership in their pursuit of keeping power. In spite of all declarations, virtue and dignity of man present no value for them. They use and get rid of; and they want to impose this kind of behavior on all of us. Those who will accept these rules may for some time feel comfortable in all the corruption dirt, but in the end they will lose everything! Those who will find the strength to resist, run the risk of facing pressure and persecution, but will keep their honor and dignity, will win in the end. Fight – and you will win!

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