“Demonopolization of “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the only way to quality transportation” – Semenukha

During his working visit to the city of Dnipro, MP Roman Semenukha visited the “Dniprovahonrembud” enterprise. The plant – a former giant in the sphere of the overhaul of freight and passenger cars, which used to have about 4 thousand employees – today, can hardly provide with work and wages slightly more than 600 workers.

“The enterprise has all the resources for carrying out orders from Ukrzaliznytsia, a monopolist in the sphere of rail transportation. However, despite the disastrous shortage of quality cars today, the plant is underloaded. Theoretically, its capacity is 15 cars in three months.

But, as a matter of fact, no more than five cars are produced. Still, even these insignificant orders are executed with a delay. This year, for example, the tender will be held only in August. This means that by this time the plant cannot plan either its production or financial process. And this is the path to inevitable redundancy and non-payment of wages.”

The MP sees the solution to the problem in the corporatization and demonopolization of the enterprise “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

“What is happening today at the enterprise is a vivid example of how the state is not able to control an accountable enterprise.

Another example of this phenomenon is the closure of a number of small stations, which will hit hard the farmers and residents of dozens of villages,” Roman Semenukha added.

Business, workers, peasants, passengers are the hostages to monopoly and inefficient management today.

“The activities of Ukrzaliznytsia should be subject to an audit, detailed analysis and systemic changes. Demonopolization is the only way to restore the capacities of car building enterprises and the way towards a real improvement in the quality of passenger transportation,” Roman Semenukha summarized.

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