Where to get funds for health care?

The state budget expenditures on healthcare are twice as little as the actual needs of the industry. In particular, there is critical underfunding of the system of emergency medical care, which needs about 11 billion UAH for its functioning. Every year, the government promises to find resources to ensure adequate funding for the health care system, but its search is futile.

If the government really wanted to fight corruption and actually did it instead of only declaring its intentions all the time, it would have easily found the necessary funds.

Due to the fact that there is a need for additional sources of funding to ensure the immediate needs of the EMS system, I have prepared and submitted to the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada amendments to the draft Law of Ukraine “On the State Budget of Ukraine for 2019” with suggestions to use the confiscated funds received from the sale of property confiscated by a court decision in connection with committing a corruption offense or the one related to corruption, the distribution of which is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Hence, I suggest allocating these fund to the subventions from the state budget to the local budgets for material and technical support of the EMS system.

I hope that the members of the Budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada will support all my proposals to the draft state budget for the next year.


Iryna Sysoienko
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