Danchenko: “If you want to call the budget-2018 the development budget, stop taxing the digital industry”

The draft state budget for 2018, drawn up by the government, cannot be called a budget of digital economy development. Samopomich MP, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Informatization and Communication Oleksandr Danchenko explains, “Another increase in the rent for radio frequencies is not proper budget of the digital economy development.

How can we impose more and more taxes on the industry which, with our fruitful work on the two laws – on radio frequency resources and electronic communications – and with the holding of a full-fledged tender for 4G, should generate 6.7 billion hryvnias from the tender alone in the next year?

In addition, according to the results of the nine months of this year, the IT industry has increased its foreign currency earnings by 18%. Is there any other industry in the state that works that way?”

Oleksandr Danchenko emphasizes, “Throughout the world, rent for radio frequencies goes to the development of the industry. Our industry already pays about 3 billion hryvnias per year for radio frequency resource, but does not receive a single hryvnia for its development. We have to do something with this. Digital economy means an electronic excise stamp, development of betting, transparent lottery system. And this can generate about 20 billion hryvnias per year in total. That’s where we need to get income from.”


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