Danchenko: “How can one additionally tax the telecommunications and IT spheres which should develop?”

A few days ago, Samopomich MP, chairman of the parliamentary committee on Informatization and Communications Oleksandr Danchenko returned from a business trip to the Republic of Korea, where he studied their digitalization experience.

He says, “Korea is the number one country in digitalization, where last year the 5G technology was already tested. This year they have set up a Ministry for Innovation, Digitalization and the Future, and two weeks ago – a Ministry of Startups.”

Meanwhile, according to Oleksandr Danchenko, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers still has no one responsible for the IT industry, which affects the overall policy of the state. The MP emphasizes, “Have a look at the budget of 2018, example. How can one levy additional taxes on the telecommunications industry, the IT industry? These are the industries that have to develop! In Korea, they are not taxed, and there are 2.1 billion dollars allocated for start-ups for the next year. Whereas we are driving these industries in some unknown directions, while the Ministry of Finance takes no responsibility for this.”

In addition, he says, while 5G is tested in Korea, Ukraine is facing a risk of conducting a low-quality tender for 4G. Oleksandr Danchenko explains, “Without bills #3549-1 “On Electronic Communications” and #5051 “On Radio Frequency Resource” we will not be able to hold a full-fledged tender for 4G.”

He believes that these documents must be put on the agenda and voted for in the next two plenary weeks.

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