Danchenko: If we regulate lotteries and stakes, this will bring additional 6-7 billion to the budget every year

Throughout the world, lotteries are the main means of financing sports and culture. However, in Ukraine, unfortunately, this market is completely opaque, and the state does nothing to change the situation, notes the MP from the Samopomich faction, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Informatization and Communication Oleksandr Danchenko.
He explains, “A transparent market is when in the Ministry of Finance or the Tax Inspection has a centralized IT system which helps automatically record each stake entered in the territory of the country, while taxes are automatically paid from it. In such a way one can clearly see who played what, while the state receives real revenues – everything is transparent.”
Meanwhile, according to Oleksandr Danchenko, for the first nine months of 2017 the revenue from lotteries in Ukraine hardly amounted to 80 million hryvnias.
“According to estimates, if the lottery business and betting (betting offices) work transparently and honestly, the budget will annually receive about 6-7 billion hryvnias from this activity. But, it seems that we prefer to scrounge off the IMF and drive ourselves into debt instead of making use of what is right under our very nose. In order to create a transparent centralized control system, we need political will in the first place, “the deputy emphasizes.
By the way, in the amendments to the draft budget for 2018, Oleksandr Danchenko showed that the transparency of lotteries and betting, the electronic excise stamp, control over the import of radio equipment through EMEI codes can additionally give the state about 13 billion a year.

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