Danchenko: With the current gas tariffs, bills can be reduced by 40%

Samopomich MP Oleksandr Danchenko asks politicians not to speculate on utility bills issue. After all, even with the current tariffs, it is possible to reduce the utility bills.

“Even with the current tariffs, the first thing to do is to ensure an honest calculation of whatever was used – be it water, gas or electricity. This is not a problem of metres. This is done differently elsewhere in the world. Instead of metres, people have small measuring devices that once a day transmit information on how much they really consumed.”

Danchenko notes that this is how the system works in Korea, Poland, Germany, and the USA.

“With the current gas tariffs, payments can be reduced by 40%. The idea is to calculate what people actually consumed – not the losses of DTEK or National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities on the way to them. Ukrainians are now paying for all the losses. And this is a huge corruption and total deception of the final consumer on the part of all suppliers.”

Those who say they will lower tariffs are lying, says Danchenko.

“We can reduce the cost of gas production and delivery. While it is the National Commission for Regulation in Energy and Utilities that sets the tariffs and it can make them ten times as high.”

The recipe from Danchenko is simple – we need to increase the extraction of Ukrainian gas at least to the level of the Soviet times and ensure the needs of the population with Ukrainian gas precisely as much as possible, as well as correctly and honestly calculate what each person consumed.

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