Danchenko: Our state could have had e-voting back 5 years ago

“Estonia and the European Commission suggested Ukraine’s using their e-voting system free of charge for the parliamentary elections in Ukraine,” said Oleksandr Danchenko, a representative of the Samopomich faction in the parliament. He has just returned from Estonia, where he observed the elections, including electronic voting. Danchenko says that people from the European Commission are now in Kyiv and they are discussing this matter.

“This voting will be under control of the Ukrainian CEC and the EU. The European Union is ready to ensure transparency, guarantees that there will be no interference. This is a good idea, but I do not know whether it can be implemented. Although it would be great for the parliamentary elections.”

Danchenko has calculated that with the introduction of electronic voting, the election costs for the state would decrease tenfold – this is the difference between conducting electronic and paper voting. This means saving tens of millions of hryvnias.

“Our state could have introduced e-voting back 5 years ago and now it could have entered a completely new electoral process. Yet, the political system has not been changed over the last 5 years, there has been no political will. Electronic elections are a sign of digitization of the country.

Digitalization kills corruption. We have no electronic excise stamp, no electronic registries, no electronic elections.”

Oleksandr Danchenko has also said that Estonia is amazed that Andriy Sadovyi withdrew from the presidential race in favour of another democratic candidate.

“This is the first case in Ukraine when one candidate takes such a step in order to unite. Things like this do not happen in Ukraine. Estonia welcomed the example of Sadovyi because it is a real element of democracy.”

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