Danchenko: We export 8.4 thousand tons of copper having no deposits. These are all stolen telecommunication cables

Samopomich deputy Oleksandr Danchenko insists on the speediest adoption of the draft law 8544 on enhancing responsibility for the deliberate damage of telecommunications facilities and the suppression of illicit enrichment through scrap metal operations. After all, the situation with the theft of communication cables is becoming disastrous.

Ukraine does not have its own deposits of copper, yet its exports are growing every year. Last year alone, 8.4 thousand tons were exported. These are all stolen cables. Danchenko says:

“Telecom operators have cables cut out. Our front-line regions remain without communication. By means of such sabotage, the enemy – the aggressor country – also checks how the reserved channels of communication operate and how our army works.”

If in 2017 there were 29,190 cases of theft and operators suffered 391 million hryvnia losses, then in 2018, there were 34,500 such thefts and losses already amounted to half a billion hryvnias. But the state cannot do anything, Danchenko says: “This is not just an economic issue, this is also a matter of quality of communication and of our national security.”

We shall note that the bill 8544 was included in the agenda back in February, but so far the deputies have not got down to the document.

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