Danchenko: Instead of indulging in populism MPs should be supporting the digitalization of Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has voted for the unified state register of war veterans. However, in the opinion of Samopomich deputy Oleksandr Danchenko, it is necessary to begin with the basic bills.

“These are the elements of e-government which are the cornerstone, namely, the creation of new registries and the interaction of such registers. We must first streamline electronic communications, radio frequency resources and the concept of registries in general.”

Danchenko notes that the digitalization unit has a law on public electronic registries, but it is impossible to vote for it because there are not enough MPs in the session hall.

“All digital services, including those that should work for veterans, mean access to the Internet absolutely anywhere throughout the territory of Ukraine. Then our veterans will be able to receive quick informational assistance and all they need. But without the draft law on radio frequency resources, which is on the agenda today, and the law on electronic communications, it is impossible to properly develop 4G communications in Ukraine and provide these electronic services.”

Cornerstone laws must be adopted. On their basis, it will be very easy to develop all electronic registries and electronic services. These are draft laws on electronic communications, radio frequency resources and public electronic registries.

“A lot of people are talking about digitalization, politicians in their election campaigns are talking about digital services. Yet we cannot get together and vote for three basic draft laws. I am asking MPs instead of indulging in populism to support digitalization of Ukraine,” said Danchenko.

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