“If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him”

This quote by Cardinal Richelieu Armand Jean du Plessis has today become for Yuriy Lutsenko a new slogan in the work of the Prosecutor General’s Office headed by him. This state body has turned into a punitive machine for opponents of the regime of oligarchs, who have seized power in the country.

Today, prosecutors use the newest methods of isolation, lies, and disregard for those who refuse to be silent, to sit idle waiting for a new messiah that will liberate Ukraine, defeat corruption, ensure freedom and a decent life. They understood that little effort is needed to isolate a person: you come up with an accusation, arrange a show with searches and detentions, for several days the “experts” and the Prosecutor General himself talk about “crimes” on various TV channels, the most severe measure of restraint – detention in custody – is chosen, and here you go – the goal is achieved! The case will be investigated for a year or two until the person gets tired, breaks down and admits he/she is guilty of what he/she never did only to return to freedom.

The detention of the chairman of Zaporizhia regional organization of Samopomich Vladyslav Marchenko and his brother Mark is an example of such cynicism. For a long time Vladyslav had been persuaded to renounce his political views, to stop criticizing the local government; but when this did not work, threats began, and finally they were realized.

In order to see that the case against Vladyslav is a fabricated one, it is enough to take a look at a couple of facts of this proceeding:

The crime made-up by prosecutors was committed on the territory of Zaporizhia region; therefore, it is Zaporizhia prosecutor’s office – and not a more controlled Kharkiv one – that should be investigating the matter. This is a violation of the principle of territoriality provided for in the Article 218 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Secondly, the principle of subordination provided for in the Article 216 of the Code of Criminal Procedure has also been violated. This “crime” should be investigated by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, since it is a deputy of the regional council that is suspected of committing it, and the amount of the damage is allegedly 87 million. Moreover, in order to have the investigative jurisdiction changed, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine or his deputies should have passed a relevant resolution. No such document was presented by prosecutors either to the defence party or the court.

Moreover, the Kharkiv regional prosecutor’s office unlawfully entered information on the Article 191 into the Unified State Register. Consequently, all received “evidence” is also illegal and cannot be used in court.

In general, the notices of suspicion served to Vladyslav Marchenko and his brother are absolutely unfounded, which was proved during the pre-trial session. The prosecutor’s office claims that the funds were allegedly stolen. But the facilities have been built, everyone can see this; while for one of the objects the funds have not yet even been allocated from the budget. In addition, the prosecutors did not provide any evidence that would indicate not only the insolvent of the suspects to the crime, but also that the crime itself actually took place.

This time the presence of the press in the court and generally a large number of people, as well as the readiness of five MPS to bail the men prevented the implementation of the authorities’ plan.

Dear Petro Poroshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko! You will not imprison all of Samopomich. There are many of us. And there are even more people who are ready to fight for the right to be not a slave, but a free person. Remember that the tears of the families of the newest political prisoners are hot and heavy!

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